How to Eat Healthy While on Food Stamps (SNAP)

Food Stamps are quite common in all states of the United States. Also known as SNAP, which is short for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Food Stamps can be used to purchase food from convenience stores, supermarkets and even gas stations.

Eating healthy on Food Stamps can be a great challenge due to the fact that unhealthy food seems to be cheaper. When surviving on the cheapest foods, you are giving up your health to do it and this can cause heart disease, obesity and many more health related problems.

Eating healthy is an important part of our lives and it is especially essential with children in the house. There are many options and even ways to look at healthy eating while using Food Stamps. It is not always easy, but you are not totally lost.

Is It Possible to Eat Healthy While on Food Stamps?

Yes! It is totally possible to eat healthy while on Food Stamps. For example, buy fresh produce as much as possible, and use the seeds for the fruit and vegetables you most commonly use in your household and grow them in your backyard or even in your kitchen window sill. Make sure you don’t plant any trees in the window. Compost is not always an option, but there is natural compost you can use, like crushed egg shell mixed with banana peels. This will provide you with healthy food and eventually you don’t need to buy them.

Be on the lookout for special offers like buy one get one free and use these times to stock up on all the healthy stuff. Buy stuff like frozen veggies, cereal and yogurt when they are on sale and stock it up. Yogurt freezes very well and has many uses. Also canned food when on sale, grab a few and pile them up as long as it is healthy ones.

Bottle your own fruit or veggies. Find recipes that works for you and when you stock up on those specials, buy some peaches or apples and make your own bottled fruit. Pickle some carrots, onions and beans. Most fruit and veggies can be bottles or pickled and they will go a long way.

Some More Tips for Eating Healthy While on Food Stamps

  • Be on the lookout for healthy food that is also cheap, like nuts, seeds, avocado, berries and eggs are a few examples.
  • Learn new recipes and which foods go together well. Cook only the needed amount per meal and lessen wastage. Learn from your elders, they knew how to make food last.
  • Visit your local supermarket regularly and base your weekly meals around specials that you picked up.
  • When cooking chicken roast on Sunday, use the bones and stock to make a delicious soup on Monday or any other day of the week. Learn how to stretch your food and make more meals out of one.

Living on Food Stamps is not the end of the world and using it as an excuse to buy cheap processed foods are no longer a valid. Eating healthy with Food Stamps is possible to do if you are really committed to the health of your family. Yes cheap foods are more commonly found but it is not healthy, so consider that carefully the next time you go shopping.