The Lifeline Program In South Carolina

“The Lifeline Program”, says Issa Asad, “is truly connecting America”. The South Carolina Lifeline Program offers a free cell phone and free monthly minutes to those that qualify. This is a great opportunity for those with low income.

Having a cell phone is a necessity. Whether you’re trying to get in touch with a family member, doctor, or work, a cell phone is a must have. The problem is that a lot of providers charge a lot for cell phones. That’s where Lifeline comes in. Lifeline was created to give people that can’t afford cell phones access to a free phone and free minutes every month. It really is an amazing program that has helped out countless people. Thousands of veterans and elderly Americans rely on Lifeline for cell phone service.

This program was originally created in the 80s with land lines. It wasn’t until the late 2000’s that cell phones were given away. There has been some controversy within the program. There is a strict one phone per household limit on this program, but regulators recently found that some companies were offering multiple phones to the same family or even the same person. The FCC cracked down on the abuse in the program and now it is being used as a model for how to clear up corruption in the government.

Safeguards have been put in place to prevent companies from giving phones to the same person and the fraud rates have gone down. The early opponents of Lifeline that were pointing out the fraud have actually begun to support the program because of its use by American Veterans returning from overseas.

To qualify for Lifeline you must be on a federal government program like food stamps or welfare. You can visit your state’s lifeline website to see a full list of programs in your state. You can also qualify based upon income. Most states provide lifeline to those that are at least 135% below the federal poverty guideline.

This is a program that has gained popularity fast. It is helping millions of people, but there are still millions that don’t even know they qualify. If you participate in a government program or you make less than 135% of the federal poverty guidelines then you should check out your local lifeline provider.

Lifeline is currently available in every state, but each state has its own providers. Check your states local lifeline website to figure out which providers are available in your state. Some of the biggest providers include Q Link, Safelink, and Assurance.  If you’re tired of getting charged an arm and a leg on your phone bill and you participate in a government program like food stamps or welfare, then you should check out the government’s Lifeline Phone program. There are many providers in the South Carolina area that you should check out if you’re interested in Lifeline Service.


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