Thinking Of Applying for Food Stamps? Consider the Following


Do you intend to apply for Food Stamps? Or do you know of anyone who is? Well, food stamps have been part of our daily existence for many decades. And they still continue to support a large number of the population. People who are destitute, earn a low income, unemployed, or are in need of money to buy food use the stamps to put a meal on the table. However, contrary to what many people believe, applying for the stamps is not that easy. In fact, you may be ineligible or have to wait for much longer to qualify.

Who Qualifies?

The stamps for food are meant for people who have low or no income. Due to this, they find it difficult to afford a decent meal. The food program officially known as Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is funded by the Federal government. The criteria for eligibility may vary from state to state. Nonetheless, they all consider the applicants income and resource. You need to have a low-income that can’t sustain a proper meal. The account balance should be less than $2,000 dollars. Lots as well as homes don’t qualify as resources. Some states exempt motor vehicles while others allow only one per household.


Before making an application or booking an appointed for a one-on-one meeting with a representative, you need to provide certain documentary evidence. These documents will justify why you should be a beneficiary of SNAP.

  • Identification; driver’s license or alien identity
  • Proof of income if employed (statements or wage stubs)
  • Social Security Numbers (SSN) for members of the household
  • Bank statements, retirement accounts, savings accounts, stocks, credit union accounts, dividends, certificate of deposits and more.
  • Cost of shelter; lot rent, mortgage payment, utility bills telephone, household, sewage, taxes, garbage, and more.

What You Can’t Buy

Many people imagine they can buy anything from the grocery store using the Food Stamps. Well, sadly, this is just a dream. The Food Stamps can only purchase things categorized as essentials. These are simply food and seeds for planting in your gardens. You can’t use the stamps to purchase non-food products. These include pet food, cosmetics, paper products, soaps, grooming supplies, household supplies, or cosmetics. Also, you can’t treat yourself with hot foods, tobacco or alcoholic drinks. Medicines, foods eaten at the store as well as vitamins are also forbidden.

If you are finding it hard to put a meal on the table, then Food Stamps will come handy. However, you should ascertain whether you are eligible. There are several online resources that can help you know your eligibility status. The next step is to put your paperwork in order. During the pre-screening, you will be required to show proof or evidence that you actually need the Food Stamps. The more organized you are when applying for Food Stamps, the quicker the process. You may only have to wait for a few days for your stamps to arrive. Finally, the Food Stamps look like a debit or credit card. All you need is to swipe it at the grocery store.